Elizaveta Tomanova


Pianist Elizaveta Tomanova was born in Russia, where, at the age of four, she received her first piano lessons from her mother. From 2016 until 2021, she studied at the Kazan State Conservatory under Rem Urasin. She is currently continuing her studies under Tamara
Atschba at the Schubert Conservatory in Wien. Elizaveta has won prizes in various competitions, including the Shostakovich International Competition (Moscow), the G. Sviridov Competition (St. Petersburg), the Scriabin International Competition (Paris, France),
the International Competition "Carlo Mosso" (Alexandria, Italy), the International Competition "Dedication to S. Prokofiev" (Moscow), and many others. She has participated as a soloist and as part of chamber ensembles at many music festivals, including the S. Richter Festival
and the Russian-Polish Festival "Youth Academy of Arts". In 2016, Elizaveta was awarded the medal of the European Parliament, the medal of the Senate of the Republic of Italy, as well as the "New Names" foundation grant, under the direction of Denis Matsuev.