Hannah Kandinky


Hannah Kandinsky started in the age of 10 in Arkadij Winokurows class for highly gifted violinists, began her pre-studies at Joseph Haydn Konservatorium with Cornelia Löscher in 2013 and proceeded and finished her first diploma at the University of Music and Performing
Arts Vienna with Lothar Strauß and Georg Hamann. She is continuing her masters while concentrating on chamber music and is a co-founder of Kandinsky Quartet. Besides orchestral projects under the baton of conductors like Christian Thielemann or Lorenzo Viotti, she debuted in 2017 with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra in the Slobodkin Hall of the Russian capital. Also, she visited several masterclasses all over Europe with musicians like Vadim Gluzman, Eszter Haffner, Dora Schwarzberg, Asya Kushner and Antje Weithaas and has been invited to festivals like Aurora (Sweden), New Age Festival (Spain), Piano Prestige (France) and Gustav Mahler Academy (Italy). She is also the co-founder of the Viennese late night classical concert series “Outta Tune” which concentrates on finding new approaches of enthralling young and new audiences.